What are Squidoo lenses?

What are Squidoo lenses? I will explain to you with an example and simple understanding material. Squidoo lenses are like creating a page focusing on your keyword that’s you keen to display in front of all with specific links in your page content. You can say this is like as guest posting.  Mostly you can say that these are using in chat forum site with regular comments on your topics.

So now the question is that they can generate traffic to your website or not? Then it can be said that the answer is too complicated. Because in most common cases, if you are creating a Squidoo lens with a motive of generating traffic to your site can be popular or dumb. If it’s got popular than too good to your website to generate traffic as well as rank high your site in Google. It’s all mainly based on your Squidoo lens that how you creating it with what purpose, people are interested in that topic or not, they are responding you on your post or not. So you can say that they are all about popularity on web, if it’s going on with popularity than its worthwhile to generating traffic to your site neither nothing.

These Squidoo lenses are also based on do-follow or no-follow links. If the generated links in your Squidoo lens are do-follow than its great to rank your site and also you know that there is no mean by creating no-follow link of your website on others because they are not working for your site according to SEO as a ranking factor.

But it’s never mean that they are not working. According to SEO Chat forum websites, people find it most helpful by the mean of conversational and with a lot of audience poll. And as per more are the viewer’s view and conversing on a particular area of topic can generate a huge traffic to your website. So that’s all I know about Squidoo lenses. If you find something helpful with this topic than please share.


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