140 Plus High PR Local Business Listing Sites for Australia

Free Local Business Listing Sites for Australia

Have a look on 140 plus high PR business listing sites for Australia. Most of the sites have high Domain Authority above than 20 and all are free to promote your business around Australia. Please share the post if you find something better in this post.


Sr.No. URL Listing Type
1 http://www.atozpages.com.au/ Free
2 http://www.cylex.com.au/ Free
3 http://www.localbusinessguide.com.au/ Free
4 http://www.australianguide.net/ Free
5 http://www.greenfinder.com.au Free
6 http://www.nationwide.com.au/ Free
7 http://www.findpostcode.com.au/ Free
8 http://www.ineedto.com.au/ Free
9 http://desi.com.au/ Free
10 http://www.findbusinessonline.com.au/ Free
11 http://www.geeewizzz.com.au/ Free
12 http://southaustralia.localitylist.com.au/ Free
13 http://fridayflyer.com.au/ Free
14 http://www.industrylink.com.au/ Free
15 http://www.gohospitality.com.au/ Free
17 http://www.franchisebusiness.com.au/ Free
18 http://www.newcastle-nsw-australia.com/ Free
19 http://www.gohospitality.com.au/ Free
20 http://my-company-profile.com/ Free
21 http://www.ilandscape.com.au/ Free
22 http://kangaroobiz.com/ Free
23 https://sutherland-secure.straliaweb.com.au/ Free
24 http://www.gimmequotes.com/ Free
25 http://www.nbtrade.com.au/ Free
26 http://www.ozbusiness.com.au/ Free
27 http://www.abpd.com.au/ Free
28 https://www.sensis.com.au/ Free
29 http://www.australiadb.com/ Free
30 http://www.myormeau.com.au/ Free
31 http://www.mysouthwest.com.au/ Free
32 http://www.localsearch.com.au Free
33 http://www.goldfieldskey.com.au/ Free
34 http://toowoomba.com.au/ Free
35 http://mangohillqld.com.au/ Free
36 http://www.karrathadirectoryonline.com.au/ Free
37 http://naracoortelucindale.localitylist.com.au/ Free
38 http://www.businesslistings.net.au/ Free
39 https://aaa.com.au/ Free
40 http://biz.ratebe.com.au/ Free
41 http://www.poidb.com Free
42 http://www.amlam.com.au/ Free
43 http://www.locallisting.com.au/ Free
44 http://directory.com.au/ Free
45 https://www.freerangecamping.com.au/ Free
46 http://www.theaustraliatimes.com/ Free
47 http://www.mactumbo.com.au/ Free
48 https://www.homegiraffe.com.au/ Free
49 http://topdirectory.com.au/ Free
50 http://australiaonlineadvertising.com.au/ Free
51 http://murraybridge.localitylist.com.au/ Free
52 http://www.mandurahwa.com/ Free
53 http://www.homeandgarden.com.au/ Free
54 http://www.global-free-classified-ads.com/ Free
55 http://www.usenature.com/ Free
56 http://mumbrella.com.au Free
57 http://www.misterwhat-au.com/ Free
58 http://goldcoastonlinedirectory.com.au Free
59 http://www.tradedirectories.com.au/ Free
60 http://www.adaustralia.com.au/ Free
61 http://ozclix.com/ Free
62 http://businessfinder.nj.com/ Free
63 https://penrith-secure.straliaweb.com.au/ Free
64 http://au.wowcity.com/ Free
65 http://www.buzzndeal.com/ Free
66 http://www.australianmanufacturing.com.au Free
67 http://www.wampit.com.au/ Free
68 http://www.aubiz.org/ Free
69 http://www.superpages.com.au/ Free
70 https://searchmysuburb.worldsecuresystems.com/ Free
71 http://biea.com.au/ Free
72 http://easylocalpages.com.au/ Free
73 http://www.buderimvillage.biz/ Free
74 https://secure.odovo.com/ Free
75 https://www.savvysme.com.au/ Free
76 http://www.mysheriffau.com/ Free
77 http://www.2findlocal.com/ Free
78 https://www.local.com.au/ Free
79 http://shopseek.com.au/ Free
80 http://www.localstore.com.au/ Free
81 http://zipleaf.auz.net/ Free
82 http://au.enrollbusiness.com/ Free
83 http://in.99nearby.com/ Free
84 http://www.lekkoo.com/ Free
85 https://www.whodoyou.com/ Free
86 http://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com/ Free
87 http://www.bizexposed.com/ Free
88 https://www.iglobal.co/australia Free
89 https://www.venuedirectory.com/ Free
90 http://company.fm/ Free
91 http://www.findthecompany.com/ Free
92 http://www.yelloyello.com/ Free
93 https://yellowpages.cybo.com/ Free
94 http://www.smartguy.com/ Free
95 http://www.aboutus.com/ Free
96 http://everythingbuilding.com.au/ Free
97 http://www.fleurieulink.com.au/ Free
98 http://www.recyclebuild.com.au/ Free
99 http://www.top4.com.au/ Free
100 https://issuu.com/ Free
101 http://www.infobel.com Free
102 http://www.ecommercelocal.com.au Free
103 http://www.atug.com.au/ Free
104 http://www.tradeezi.com.au/ Free
105 http://www.ersatz.com.au/ Free
106 http://www.whoisthegreatest.com.au/ Free
107 http://businesszoom.com.au/ Free
108 http://www.freedirectory.com.au/ Free
109 http://www.ferret.com.au/ Free
110 http://www.pinkpages.com.au Free
111 http://www.livepages.com.au Free
112 http://www.whitsundays-australia.com/ Free
113 http://www.ezistreet.com/ Free
114 http://singh.com.au/ Free
115 https://www.oneflare.com.au Free
116 https://www.tradesmannow.com.au Free
117 https://www.wordofmouth.com.au Free
118 http://business.ozpostcode.com/ Free
119 https://www.tradeimprovementpages.com.au Free
120 https://www.airtasker.com/ Free
121 https://sydneyhills-secure.straliaweb.com.au/ Free
122 http://www.intosydneydirectory.com.au/ Free
123 http://1800local.com.au/ Free
124 https://thebusinessawards.com.au/ Free
125 http://www.comeonaussie.com/ Free
126 http://www.dlook.com.au/ Free
127 http://www.yellowbook.com.au/ Free
128 https://manly-secure.straliaweb.com.au Free
129 http://www.ourpatch.com.au/ Free
130 https://aussieweb.com.au Free
131 https://aussiepages.com.au Free
132 https://bluemts-secure.straliaweb.com.au/ Free
133 https://hawkesbury-secure.straliaweb.com.au/ Free
134 https://auspost.com.au/ Free
135 http://www.localbook.com.au/ Free
136 https://urpages.com.au/ Free
137 http://knowem.com/ Free
138 http://www.communitywalk.com/ Free
139 http://list-company.com/ Free
140 http://www.where2go.com/ Free
141 https://directory.justlanded.com Free
142 https://app.g2link.com/ Free
143 http://www.hirehub.com.au/ Free
144 http://www.ikimap.com/ Free
145 http://customers-services.center/ Free
146 http://www.startlocal.com.au/ Free
147 http://onlylocal.com.au/ Free

What is Local Business Listing?

What is Local Business Listing?

Before Any kind of submission to any website you have to know what Local Business Listing is. So I told you its an Online Profile of your Business with your website URL / Phone number / Location Address with a short or long detail of your business that what they do / what they manufacture / what kind of services your company provides to people. So Always share your accurate and unique detail of your business to any website, if it is not then it can harm your business. And have a negative impact on people as well on search engine. And by that it can be spammed by search engine. So be careful before submission to any website.

How to Do Local Business Listing?

I just have started writing about Local Listing Websites that how to submit your business to all kind of free Local Listing Sites around your specific country. There are lot of business listing sites around the world that has accept your business listing for free. So don’t worry that you have to pay for it, its all about free. Before any kind of submission you have to know how to submit, where to submit, which site is relevant to your business that’s mean why to submit your business on that website, please read carefully step by step ..

Step 1 – How to choose a right category:

Mostly choose a local business website that has the same business as per your and accept links. If you are not able to find that than there are hundred of websites that accept business listing by unique categories as per your business have. choose the right one category and submit your business there.

For Example: If you are doing a business of clothing / Apparel than choose the same categories or websites that provide links to your business website.

Step 2 – Write unique content about your business:

Describe your business and services carefully and uniquely that people get knowledge about your business straight and direct.  Most of the people never waste there time in reading, so write directly point to point that what kind of services you provided to people.

Step 3 – Use Images of your business:

Your business images always helpful to people as well as to search engine to provide a direct  knowledge that what kind of business you have. So always make a use of right image at right place at the time of business submission.

Step 4 – Always use your business logo:

Always use your business logo when you submit your business. Never change it again and again neither it has a bad impact on search engine as well as on people to identify your business.

Step 5 – Social Links:

Nowadays social media is one of the most important factor than can make your business most useful to people and can make a great online reputation of your business and services because about 90 percent people of world are using social media as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. So always submit your social media links on the time of business submission. And one more thing i have to told you that most of the people give first preference to social media than using other thing.

What are Squidoo lenses?

What are Squidoo lenses? I will explain to you with an example and simple understanding material. Squidoo lenses are like creating a page focusing on your keyword that’s you keen to display in front of all with specific links in your page content. You can say this is like as guest posting.  Mostly you can say that these are using in chat forum site with regular comments on your topics.

So now the question is that they can generate traffic to your website or not? Then it can be said that the answer is too complicated. Because in most common cases, if you are creating a Squidoo lens with a motive of generating traffic to your site can be popular or dumb. If it’s got popular than too good to your website to generate traffic as well as rank high your site in Google. It’s all mainly based on your Squidoo lens that how you creating it with what purpose, people are interested in that topic or not, they are responding you on your post or not. So you can say that they are all about popularity on web, if it’s going on with popularity than its worthwhile to generating traffic to your site neither nothing.

These Squidoo lenses are also based on do-follow or no-follow links. If the generated links in your Squidoo lens are do-follow than its great to rank your site and also you know that there is no mean by creating no-follow link of your website on others because they are not working for your site according to SEO as a ranking factor.

But it’s never mean that they are not working. According to SEO Chat forum websites, people find it most helpful by the mean of conversational and with a lot of audience poll. And as per more are the viewer’s view and conversing on a particular area of topic can generate a huge traffic to your website. So that’s all I know about Squidoo lenses. If you find something helpful with this topic than please share.

Local Business Listing Sites USA

Local Business Listing Sites USA

Hey guys ,.. please have a look on these local business listing sites around USA. I will post only free business submission sites. If you find these websites relevant to you please share with others. thanks..

Serial Website Type
1 http://www.brownbook.net/ Free
2 https://www.getfave.com/ Free
3 http://www.find-us-here.com/ Free
4 http://www.a-zbusinessfinder.com/ Free
5 http://www.2findlocal.com/ Free
6 http://www.ibegin.com/ Free
7 https://www.elocal.com Free
8 http://www.cylex-usa.com/ Free
9 http://www.manta.com/ Free
10 https://secure.ezlocal.com/ Free
11 https://foursquare.com/ Free
12 http://www.hotfrog.com/ Free
13 http://www.salespider.com/ Free
14 http://www.aboutus.com/ Free
15 https://www.discoverourtown.com/ Free
16 https://my.bestoftheweb.com/ Free
17 http://www.americantowns.com/ Free
18 http://ebusinesspages.com/ Free
19 http://my-company-profile.com/ Free
20 http://www.thomasnet.com/ Free
21 https://www.yellowbot.com/ Free
22 http://www.yellowpagecity.com/ Free
23 http://www.thebluebook.com/ Free
24 http://inter800.com/ Free
25 http://www.showmelocal.com/ Free
26 http://tupalo.com/ Free
27 http://www.magicyellow.com/ Free
28 http://www.localdatabase.com/ Free
29 https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/ Free
30 http://www.exportyellowpages.com/ Free
31 http://www.spoke.com/ Free
32 http://citysquares.com/ Free
33 https://www.cortera.com/ Free
34 http://www.wand.com/ Free
35 http://www.wegoplaces.com/ Free
36 http://www.localsearch.com/ Free
37 https://service.opendi.us/ Free
38 http://ablocal.com/ Free
39 https://www.yelloyello.com Free
40 http://www.gomylocal.com/ Free
41 http://www.whofish.org/ Free
42 http://usaonly.us/ Free
43 http://vendor.nsphere.net/ Free
44 http://radarfrog.gatehousemedia.com/ Free
45 http://us.enrollbusiness.com/ Free
46 http://www.mycitybusiness.net/ Free
47 http://directory.fresnodirect.info/ Free
48 http://www.directoryoflongbeach.com/ Free
49 https://the570.partners.local.com Free
50 https://www.exportyellowpages.com Free
51 http://www.plussizeyellowpages.com/ Free
52  superpages.com Free
53 https://www.trustlink.org Free
54 http://www.bizvotes.com/ Free
55 https://start.cortera.com/ Free
56 http://yellmy.com/ Free
57 http://michigan.bizhwy.com/ Free
58 http://www.lookuppage.com/ Free
59 http://us.wowcity.com/ Free
60 http://www.infignos.com/ Free
61 http://www.agreatertown.com/ Free
62 http://bc.shopping-time.com/ Free
63 http://widget.lssdev.com/ Free
64 http://www.igotbiz.com/ Free
65 http://www.bizdays.com/ Free
66 http://adforms.citiservi.com/ Free
67 http://www.fyple.com/ Free
68 http://www.mysheriff.net/ Free
69 http://www.wherezit.com/ Free
70 http://www.businesslistingz.com/ Free
71 http://6qubedirectory.com/ Free
72 http://internetaccess.com/ Free
73 http://ypagez.com/ Free
74 http://businessplaces.us/ Free
75 http://www.americanbusinessandservicedirectory.com/ Free
76 http://www.blacknla.com/ Free
77 http://www.samoabusinessdirectory.com/ Free
78 https://www.discoverourtown.com/ Free
79 http://list-company.com/ Free
80 https://about.me/ Free
81 http://www.ssbtractor.com/ Free
82 https://www.bbb.org/ Free
83 http://www.allactiontrade.com/ Free
84 http://www.bahamaslocal.com/ Free
85 http://mastbusiness.com/ Free
86 http://www.michiganbusiness.us/ Free
87 http://local.freep.com/ Free